TurboTax Copy Protection Update

Just an update on the copy protection in TurboTax.

Since we’ve filed our taxes for this year, and I have archived copies of the returns and PDFs and other backups, I figured it was time to flip my boot drive over to the new drive I bought in November. I ghosted my 8G C: drive to its new 18G home, stuck the old drive in a safe place, and launched Turbo Tax.

The results were anticlimactic: TT asked to register on the net, which I let it do, whereupon it worked fine.

It’s probably too late to experiment with things like: Would it have behaved this way prior to April 15th? What if I’d used a less geeky tool (like DriveCopy) to clone the drive, instead of Ghost? It’s clear that the DRM software detected a disk clone.

I’m off to disable the stupid thing. Good luck next year, Intuit. [I think my friends there will understand…]

* * *

Uninstall … C-Dilla is still running. Reboot. Still there. Morons. Go to intuit.com, find C-Dilla uninstaller, run it … seems to be dead.

Never again.

Author: landon

My mom thinks I'm in high tech.