6 thoughts on “UK ID card scheme scrapped”

  1. @Jono: Point taken about the insanity and disingenuous security theatre of the original proposal.

    Now, if we could just get our TSA to stop wasting oxygen, and our own spies looking /out/ rather than /in/ . . .

  2. Sensible? It’ll cost three times more to scrap than to keep and they are going to bin the hardware (data protection y’see).

    Oh and as for manifesto commitments I guess they had to keep one after dumping all the others.

  3. We didn’t so much vote for a new government as against the old one. What we’ve ended up with is a chimaera that has no mandate for the vast, and likely disastrous, structural changes it wants to make – changes that weren’t part of anyone’s manifesto, and were in fact explicitly denied by all parties before the election.

    What we have in the UK at the moment isn’t a government – it’s a very British coup d’├ętat.

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