Walter Jon Williams

Walter Jon Williams has written a new book, read the interview in Locus.  Link.

I think I like his earlier books.  Voice of the Whirlwind was great, Angel Station was pretty good, and Hard Wired was probably the last decent cyberpunk novel of the 80s.  Knight Moves pretty clearly channeled Zelazny, and the Drake Majistral books have Keith Laumer and Retief written all over them.

Aristoi started out slow, was great in the middle, but stopped just as things started to get interesting.  His “metropolitan” books were well written, cohesive, gritty and heavy on the mystery, but so heavy mystery-wise that he forgot to resolve things and there’s no sign that they’re ever going to get wrapped up.  Forget the “earthquake” mainstream novel.  And finally, forget that the Praxis novels ever existed.  They’re not quite Elron level, and maybe I would have liked them when I was twelve, but I just couldn’t finish them.  Whole-species psychological quirks are tough to pull off (Niven just barely squeaks by with Puppeteers and Kzinti), but the Praxis books start with ham and add bacon until they feel like page after page of prejudice fighting stupidity.

I have high hopes for his new book.  We’ll see.


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