19 thoughts on “What I spent two years on”

  1. Wow, good stuff. Can you talk more about what you did? I was in the beta that started in September and it was interesting to see things improve and change in just two months. Kinect Adventures was especially fun and engaging.

  2. @Ingo, BlueRaja, Derek: I won’t be telling any tales about Kinect here. All I can say is that it was a heck of a lot of fun to work on, and that I feel privileged to have been given the opportunity.

    @Kaishaku: Your existing controller will continue to work forever. Don’t worry. Everyone I know also plays Halo and Fallout.

  3. OMG> I’ve been idolizing you forever and now it transpires you work across the road for the same company I do? MAJOR!

    Congrats on kinecting the masses. May more exercise take the couchpotatoes of the world by storm.

  4. Fuck. Our daddy works for… the game industry!
    Anyway, still better than all those of us working for banks or states or whatever.
    At least you hurt nobody.
    Or do you? All those people getting high playing boring game after boring game…
    (Hey, who the hell am I…)
    Anyway, I love your writings. You kick my ass pretty well. Thanks for that!

  5. @Fabien: I won’t be providing any details on Kinect.

    I write C, C++, C#, Perl, assembly, LISP, Pascal. Lua . . . pretty muich whatever I need to do the job. Haskell has been a tough language for me to learn. Erlang is neat, but I haven’t found a project for it yet.

  6. Congratulations on working for a cheating, lying, convicted monopolist! You must be so proud!

    (I really enjoyed your writing about the Atari days. Too bad you get yanked from my bookmarks today.)

  7. Landon,

    Awesome! Glad to see it shipped. I cracked open my 360 to fix the 3 RROD yesterday. Fun insides… Out of warranty so I figured what the hell… i get about 15 seconds before it locls. Figuring either PSU or that damn x clamp.

    Anyways, i totally get where you are comimg from. Started a dev job at a college in bellingham and have since learnex 6 new languages. I see it as a personal challenge to know as much as possible 🙂

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