When rocks were young

Many “old iron” stories here. Back in the day, *real* computers blew up, shot out sparks and spewed smoke, and could be fixed with a good whack in the right spot. Not like today, when you can shut down entire cities from the comfort of your living room with a simple firmware security hole.

Meta-nostalgia is when you find one of your own nostalgiac postings in someone else’s nostalgia.

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My mom thinks I'm in high tech.

One thought on “When rocks were young”

  1. It’s interesting how some of these are actually rather interesting in a historical context:

    / net.rumor / utah-cs!peterson / Mar 13, 1986 /

    My mom (a CPA) was on an audit of a large S & L several years
    ago where they caught somebody doing this. As I recall, the
    person was getting away with around $10-20K a year with the scam
    (not quite “megabucks”, but still pretty healthy).

    The roundoff error was pretty much invisible to the auditors.
    The tricky part for the crook was actually writing the check (or
    funds transfer) so he could collect the money. This was what
    showed up on the books someplace and resulted in him getting

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