While they’re young…

Laptops designed by kids.  Link.

I linked to the middle of the gallery for a reason: Note the “Google” button.  Microsoft has a button on most keyboards these days, why doesn’t Google?  (Or Dell, or IBM, or the US Government for that matter?)


Author: landon

My mom thinks I'm in high tech.

3 thoughts on “While they’re young…”

  1. Well, now that keyboards are headed to be rendered visually in software, I’m sure my kids will have as many customised keys as they want. Customised in look as well as function. Which reminds me, when will touchscreens become common place in TV remotes? A scrolling GUI like on the iPhone but with channel names and a bookmark system would sure beat flicking through 900 channels one at a time because I can’t remember what any of them are and then just go back to my RSS reader anyway.

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