I only have so many semicolons and curly-braces left in these fingers, and I’m wasting them on this?


This is not God’s programming language.

This is not the Devil’s programming language, either.  Evil is too smart to be obvious.  If Evil had a programming language it would be sweet and seductive, leading you down the primrose path to perdition and just massive screwedness (huh: Name a successful product done in, say, Smalltalk).  C++ is not evil, rather, it is the language for masochists; it’s the kitty that purrs nicely to you until it’s earned your trust, and that’s when it turns into claws and utter batshit insanity.


Every time you use #define, God kills a start-up.


When you have an office move, destroy your extra move stickers, or you will wind up with extra junk (provided by thoughtful cow-orkers).


I’m sorry about the Smalltalk crack.  It’s my favorite language (well, after LISP) that I’ll never ship a product in.  Wah.


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4 thoughts on “Wisdomlets”

  1. I always thought that C++ was a wonderful software architect’s language. It’s fun to design some elegant system which uses all the features of the language, especially if you can prototype on a PC in the Windows emulator for the platform. You can even give a colloquium to all the important people in the company to show them how smart you are.

    Of course years down the line when the original architects have moved on to the follow up system and it crashes and burns on some real hardware with vastly different timing and no JTAG, that doesn’t concern the architects. And it’s sort of hard gazing assertion failures what a pointer being NULL at this point actually means in terms of errors, but who cares. Not the architects, that’s for sure.

  2. I would say c++ is a language for adults who know what they want to do and how to do it.
    I have seen amazing things done in c++ in very elegant ways ( like normal mapping on a mobile phone with no GPU and no division instructions ).
    Is it hard to learn? Sure.
    But the power is awsome.

  3. I’ve become partial to C#… however, I’m not designing embedded systems, and rapid design/functionality usually trumps memory usage/efficiency (at least according to management). For what it does, it does great.

    I have a friend who designed a pneumatic drill for drilling holes in airplane steel that runs on Windows Mobile/C# for the UI and connects via ethernet to an embedded system that does the actual drilling.

    Point being, C# is great for UI’s and non-CPU intensive stuff (what I work on mostly). For the rest, it’s all about the C++.

    While C++ may be the language of masochists, assembly is the language of sadomasochists. Painful to write, and equally painful to figure out what the hell you were doing when you review the code 3 years later. Obviously, you must be deriving pleasure out of the pain that you are inflicting on yourself later 🙂

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