According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the Zune is a “complete, humiliating failure.” Link.

I beg to differ. I got one last week and have spent a fair amount of time with it. There are a couple of user interface glitches on the Zune itself (e.g., I wish i could control the volume of the currently playing item while I’m using the UI to look for more), but on the whole it’s a fine experience. I installed the Zune client software on three different machines with no problems at all. I had a bad couple of minutes trying to figure out exactly what it’s “library” and so forth was doing, but once I got a bunch of my existing MP3s installed it was easy to use. The FM radio interface is awesomely simple (it also hooks into the digital information being broadcast, with call letters and play information).

Haven’t used the wireless feature yet; it *would* be nice if it supported syncing to a local file share. I’m not sure what the battery life is yet (seems to be far less than the advertised 14 hours, but then again the battery may need some conditioning). I’d like to be able to record from the radio.

On the whole, I think the Sun-Times guy was having a bad day. The Zune isn’t an iPod, but it’s not terrible, either.

Author: landon

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